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class DefaultPayloadConverter(CompositePayloadConverter): (source)

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Default payload converter compatible with other Temporal SDKs.

This handles None, bytes, all protobuf message types, and any type that json.dump accepts. In addition, this supports encoding dataclasses and also decoding them provided the data class is in the type hint.

Method __init__ Create a default payload converter.

Inherited from CompositePayloadConverter:

Method from_payloads Decode values trying each converter.
Method to_payloads Encode values trying each converter.
Instance Variable converters List of payload converters to delegate to, in order.

Inherited from PayloadConverter (via CompositePayloadConverter):

Method from_payloads_wrapper from_payloads for the temporalio.api.common.v1.Payloads wrapper.
Method to_payloads_wrapper to_payloads for the temporalio.api.common.v1.Payloads wrapper.
def __init__(self): (source)

Create a default payload converter.