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class WorkflowOutboundInterceptor: (source)

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Outbound interceptor to wrap calls made from within workflows.

This should be extended by any workflow outbound interceptors.

def __init__(self, next: WorkflowOutboundInterceptor): (source)

Create the outbound interceptor.

next:WorkflowOutboundInterceptorThe next interceptor in the chain. The default implementation of all calls is to delegate to the next interceptor.
def continue_as_new(self, input: ContinueAsNewInput) -> NoReturn: (source)

Called for every temporalio.workflow.continue_as_new call.

Called for every call.

async def signal_child_workflow(self, input: SignalChildWorkflowInput): (source)
async def signal_external_workflow(self, input: SignalExternalWorkflowInput): (source)
next = (source)