class documentation

Handle for interacting with an external workflow.

This is created via get_external_workflow_handle or get_external_workflow_handle_for.

Async Method cancel Send a cancellation request to this external workflow.
Async Method signal Signal this external workflow.
Property id ID for the workflow.
Property run_id Run ID for the workflow if any.
async def cancel(self): (source)

Send a cancellation request to this external workflow.

This will fail if the workflow cannot accept the request (e.g. if the workflow is not found).

async def signal(self, signal: MethodSyncOrAsyncNoParam[SelfType, None]):
async def signal(self, signal: MethodSyncOrAsyncSingleParam[SelfType, ParamType, None], arg: ParamType):
async def signal(self, signal: str, arg: Any = temporalio.common._arg_unset, *, args: Sequence[Any] = []):

Signal this external workflow.

signal:Union[str, Callable]Name or method reference for the signal.
arg:AnySingle argument to the signal.
args:Sequence[Any]Multiple arguments to the signal. Cannot be set if arg is.