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class RetryConfig: (source)

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Retry configuration for server calls.

Class Variable initial_interval_millis Initial backoff interval.
Class Variable max_elapsed_time_millis Maximum total time.
Class Variable max_interval_millis Maximum backoff interval.
Class Variable max_retries Maximum number of retries.
Class Variable multiplier Backoff multiplier.
Class Variable randomization_factor Randomization jitter to add.
Method _to_bridge_config Undocumented
initial_interval_millis: int = (source)

Initial backoff interval.

max_elapsed_time_millis: Optional[int] = (source)

Maximum total time.

max_interval_millis: int = (source)

Maximum backoff interval.

max_retries: int = (source)

Maximum number of retries.

multiplier: float = (source)

Backoff multiplier.

randomization_factor: float = (source)

Randomization jitter to add.