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class SandboxedWorkflowRunner(WorkflowRunner): (source)

Constructor: SandboxedWorkflowRunner(restrictions, runner_class)

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Runner for workflows in a sandbox.

Method __init__ Create the sandboxed workflow runner.
Method create_instance Implements WorkflowRunner.create_instance.
Method prepare_workflow Implements WorkflowRunner.prepare_workflow.
Instance Variable _restrictions Undocumented
Instance Variable _runner_class Undocumented
def __init__(self, *, restrictions: SandboxRestrictions = SandboxRestrictions.default, runner_class: Type[WorkflowRunner] = UnsandboxedWorkflowRunner): (source)

Create the sandboxed workflow runner.

restrictions:SandboxRestrictionsSet of restrictions to apply to this sandbox.
runner_class:Type[WorkflowRunner]The class for underlying runner the sandbox will instantiate and use to run workflows. Note, this class is re-imported and instantiated for each workflow run.
def create_instance(self, det: WorkflowInstanceDetails) -> WorkflowInstance: (source)
_restrictions = (source)


_runner_class = (source)