package documentation

Worker for processing Temporal workflows and/or activities.

Module replayer Replayer.


Class ActivityInboundInterceptor Inbound interceptor to wrap outbound creation and activity execution.
Class ActivityOutboundInterceptor Outbound interceptor to wrap calls made from within activities.
Class ContinueAsNewInput Input for WorkflowOutboundInterceptor.continue_as_new.
Class ExecuteActivityInput Input for ActivityInboundInterceptor.execute_activity.
Class ExecuteWorkflowInput Input for WorkflowInboundInterceptor.execute_workflow.
Class HandleQueryInput Input for WorkflowInboundInterceptor.handle_query.
Class HandleSignalInput Input for WorkflowInboundInterceptor.handle_signal.
Class Interceptor Interceptor for workers.
Class Replayer Replayer to replay workflows from history.
Class ReplayerConfig TypedDict of config originally passed to Replayer.
Class SharedHeartbeatSender Base class for a heartbeat sender that is picklable for use in another process.
Class SharedStateManager Base class for a shared state manager providing cross-process-safe primitives for use by activity executors.
Class SignalChildWorkflowInput Input for WorkflowOutboundInterceptor.signal_child_workflow.
Class SignalExternalWorkflowInput Input for WorkflowOutboundInterceptor.signal_external_workflow.
Class StartActivityInput Input for WorkflowOutboundInterceptor.start_activity.
Class StartChildWorkflowInput Input for WorkflowOutboundInterceptor.start_child_workflow.
Class StartLocalActivityInput Input for WorkflowOutboundInterceptor.start_local_activity.
Class UnsandboxedWorkflowRunner Workflow runner that does not do any sandboxing.
Class Worker Worker to process workflows and/or activities.
Class WorkerConfig TypedDict of config originally passed to Worker.
Class WorkflowInboundInterceptor Inbound interceptor to wrap outbound creation, workflow execution, and signal/query handling.
Class WorkflowInstance Instance of a workflow that can handle activations.
Class WorkflowInstanceDetails Immutable, serializable details for creating a workflow instance.
Class WorkflowInterceptorClassInput Input for Interceptor.workflow_interceptor_class.
Class WorkflowOutboundInterceptor Outbound interceptor to wrap calls made from within workflows.
Class WorkflowRunner Abstract runner for workflows that creates workflow instances to run.