package documentation

Worker for processing Temporal workflows and/or activities.

Package workflow_sandbox Sandbox for Temporal workflows.
Module _activity Activity worker.
Module _interceptor Worker interceptor.
Module _replayer Replayer.
Module _worker Worker for processing Temporal workflows and/or activities.
Module _workflow Workflow worker.
Module _workflow_instance Workflow worker runner and instance.


Class ActivityInboundInterceptor Inbound interceptor to wrap outbound creation and activity execution.
Class ActivityOutboundInterceptor Outbound interceptor to wrap calls made from within activities.
Class ContinueAsNewInput Input for WorkflowOutboundInterceptor.continue_as_new.
Class ExecuteActivityInput Input for ActivityInboundInterceptor.execute_activity.
Class ExecuteWorkflowInput Input for WorkflowInboundInterceptor.execute_workflow.
Class HandleQueryInput Input for WorkflowInboundInterceptor.handle_query.
Class HandleSignalInput Input for WorkflowInboundInterceptor.handle_signal.
Class HandleUpdateInput Input for WorkflowInboundInterceptor.handle_update_validator and WorkflowInboundInterceptor.handle_update_handler.
Class Interceptor Interceptor for workers.
Class Replayer Replayer to replay workflows from history.
Class ReplayerConfig TypedDict of config originally passed to Replayer.
Class SharedHeartbeatSender Base class for a heartbeat sender that is picklable for use in another process.
Class SharedStateManager Base class for a shared state manager providing cross-process-safe primitives for use by activity executors.
Class SignalChildWorkflowInput Input for WorkflowOutboundInterceptor.signal_child_workflow.
Class SignalExternalWorkflowInput Input for WorkflowOutboundInterceptor.signal_external_workflow.
Class StartActivityInput Input for WorkflowOutboundInterceptor.start_activity.
Class StartChildWorkflowInput Input for WorkflowOutboundInterceptor.start_child_workflow.
Class StartLocalActivityInput Input for WorkflowOutboundInterceptor.start_local_activity.
Class UnsandboxedWorkflowRunner Workflow runner that does not do any sandboxing.
Class Worker Worker to process workflows and/or activities.
Class WorkerConfig TypedDict of config originally passed to Worker.
Class WorkflowInboundInterceptor Inbound interceptor to wrap outbound creation, workflow execution, and signal/query handling.
Class WorkflowInstance Instance of a workflow that can handle activations.
Class WorkflowInstanceDetails Immutable details for creating a workflow instance.
Class WorkflowInterceptorClassInput Input for Interceptor.workflow_interceptor_class.
Class WorkflowOutboundInterceptor Outbound interceptor to wrap calls made from within workflows.
Class WorkflowReplayResult Single workflow replay result.
Class WorkflowReplayResults Results of replaying multiple workflows.
Class WorkflowRunner Abstract runner for workflows that creates workflow instances to run.