package documentation

Sandbox for Temporal workflows.


This API for this module is considered unstable and may change in future.

This module contains the sandbox for helping ensure workflow determinism. It does this in two ways: global state isolation and restrictions on making non-deterministic calls. See the Python SDK documentation for how to use, customize, and work around sandbox issues.

Module _importer Restrictive importer for workflow sandbox.
Module _in_sandbox Code that runs inside the workflow sandbox.
Module _restrictions Restrictions for workflow sandbox.
Module _runner Runner for workflow sandbox.


Class SandboxedWorkflowRunner Runner for workflows in a sandbox.
Class SandboxMatcher Matcher that is used to match modules and members during restriction and pass through checks.
Class SandboxRestrictions Set of restrictions that can be applied to a sandbox.
Exception RestrictedWorkflowAccessError Error that occurs when a workflow accesses something non-deterministic.