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Method __init__ Create the outbound interceptor.
Async Method backfill_schedule Called for every ScheduleHandle.backfill call.
Async Method cancel_workflow Called for every WorkflowHandle.cancel call.
Async Method complete_async_activity Called for every AsyncActivityHandle.complete call.
Async Method count_workflows Called for every Client.count_workflows call.
Async Method create_schedule Called for every Client.create_schedule call.
Async Method delete_schedule Called for every ScheduleHandle.delete call.
Async Method describe_schedule Called for every ScheduleHandle.describe call.
Async Method describe_workflow Called for every WorkflowHandle.describe call.
Async Method fail_async_activity Called for every call.
Method fetch_workflow_history_events Called for every WorkflowHandle.fetch_history_events call.
Async Method get_worker_build_id_compatibility Called for every Client.get_worker_build_id_compatibility call.
Async Method get_worker_task_reachability Called for every Client.get_worker_task_reachability call.
Async Method heartbeat_async_activity Called for every AsyncActivityHandle.heartbeat call.
Method list_schedules Called for every Client.list_schedules call.
Method list_workflows Called for every Client.list_workflows call.
Async Method pause_schedule Called for every ScheduleHandle.pause call.
Async Method query_workflow Called for every WorkflowHandle.query call.
Async Method report_cancellation_async_activity Called for every AsyncActivityHandle.report_cancellation call.
Async Method signal_workflow Called for every WorkflowHandle.signal call.
Async Method start_workflow Called for every Client.start_workflow call.
Async Method start_workflow_update Called for every WorkflowHandle.update and WorkflowHandle.start_update call.
Async Method terminate_workflow Called for every WorkflowHandle.terminate call.
Async Method trigger_schedule Called for every ScheduleHandle.trigger call.
Async Method unpause_schedule Called for every ScheduleHandle.unpause call.
Async Method update_schedule Called for every ScheduleHandle.update call.
Async Method update_worker_build_id_compatibility Called for every Client.update_worker_build_id_compatibility call.
Instance Variable _client Undocumented

Inherited from OutboundInterceptor:

Instance Variable next Undocumented
def __init__(self, client: Client): (source)

Create the outbound interceptor.

nextThe next interceptor in the chain. The default implementation of all calls is to delegate to the next interceptor.
async def cancel_workflow(self, input: CancelWorkflowInput): (source)
async def delete_schedule(self, input: DeleteScheduleInput): (source)
async def pause_schedule(self, input: PauseScheduleInput): (source)
async def query_workflow(self, input: QueryWorkflowInput) -> Any: (source)
async def signal_workflow(self, input: SignalWorkflowInput): (source)
async def start_workflow_update(self, input: StartWorkflowUpdateInput) -> WorkflowUpdateHandle[Any]: (source)

Called for every WorkflowHandle.update and WorkflowHandle.start_update call.

async def trigger_schedule(self, input: TriggerScheduleInput): (source)
async def unpause_schedule(self, input: UnpauseScheduleInput): (source)
async def update_schedule(self, input: UpdateScheduleInput): (source)