module documentation

Client for accessing Temporal.

Class AsyncActivityCancelledError Error that occurs when async activity attempted heartbeat but was cancelled.
Class AsyncActivityHandle Handle representing an external activity for completion and heartbeat.
Class AsyncActivityIDReference Reference to an async activity by its qualified ID.
Class CancelWorkflowInput Input for OutboundInterceptor.cancel_workflow.
Class Client Client for accessing Temporal.
Class ClientConfig TypedDict of config originally passed to Client.
Class CompleteAsyncActivityInput Input for OutboundInterceptor.complete_async_activity.
Class DescribeWorkflowInput Input for OutboundInterceptor.describe_workflow.
Class FailAsyncActivityInput Input for OutboundInterceptor.fail_async_activity.
Class HeartbeatAsyncActivityInput Input for OutboundInterceptor.heartbeat_async_activity.
Class Interceptor Interceptor for clients.
Class OutboundInterceptor OutboundInterceptor for intercepting client calls.
Class QueryWorkflowInput Input for OutboundInterceptor.query_workflow.
Class ReportCancellationAsyncActivityInput Input for OutboundInterceptor.report_cancellation_async_activity.
Class SignalWorkflowInput Input for OutboundInterceptor.signal_workflow.
Class StartWorkflowInput Input for OutboundInterceptor.start_workflow.
Class TerminateWorkflowInput Input for OutboundInterceptor.terminate_workflow.
Class WorkflowContinuedAsNewError Error that occurs when a workflow was continued as new.
Class WorkflowExecutionDescription Description for a single workflow execution run.
Class WorkflowExecutionStatus Status of a workflow execution.
Class WorkflowFailureError Error that occurs when a workflow is unsuccessful.
Class WorkflowHandle Handle for interacting with a workflow.
Class WorkflowQueryRejectedError Error that occurs when a query was rejected.
Class _ClientImpl Undocumented