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Worker for processing Temporal workflows and/or activities.

Function load_default_build_id Load the default worker build ID.
Variable logger Undocumented
Exception _ShutdownRequested Undocumented
Function _get_module_code Undocumented
Variable _default_build_id Undocumented
def load_default_build_id(*, memoize: bool = True) -> str: (source)

Load the default worker build ID.

The worker build ID is a unique hash representing the entire set of code including Temporal code and external code. The default here is currently implemented by walking loaded modules and hashing their bytecode into a common hash.

memoize:boolIf true, the default, this will cache to a global variable to keep from having to run again on successive calls.
strUnique identifier representing the set of running code.


def _get_module_code(mod_name: str) -> Optional[bytes]: (source)


_default_build_id: Optional[str] = (source)